Nitro Regulator

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Material                                               Aluminum alloy

Dimension                                          12 CM Long x 7.0 Wide x 2.5 CM Deep

PSI gauge range customized             0-100PSI

PSI range we recommend                 

Nitro cold brew coffee: 60 PSI

Beer: 5 -15PSI to serve your beer,

30-45PSI to force carbonate
Soda Water - pressure in the keg needs to be 60psi

The perfect choice for a portable nitrogen keg system! Versatile and ideal for use when dispensing nitrogen to beer, coffee, stouts, Guinness, or anything you want to serve. The regulator is designed to be used with 8-gram non-threaded disposable Nitrogen cartridges (8g non-threaded CO2 cartridge, 2g N2 cartridge, and 8g N2O cartridge are compatible.)
The dimensions are 6.5 x 2.5 x 12cm and weighs 218Grams

Our U-Flow Keg Nitro Regulator is perfect for stout, cream flow beers, and making soda water. 


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