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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What is the extraction capacity of the 16-gram Uflow CO2 capsule?

The capsule is ideal for extracting 5 Litres of beer / draft beer from inside the U-Flow barrel.

Q - What gas can I use in Uflow Keg?

Any threaded 16g CO2 gas sold by U-Flow or online.

Q - What to do when I put too much gas inside the U-Flow Keg?

Just pull the pressure valve and all the gas will be expelled from the U-Flow Keg.

Q - Is there any danger of the gas capsule exploding?

No, but we do not recommend keeping the capsule in places with a temperature above 75 ° C.

Q - Can I use the gas sold in bicycle stores?

No. This gas is industrial, not recommended for human consumption, being harmful to health and can cause respiratory problems.

Q – Can we buy the soda stream adaptor from U-Flow?

We are in the process of finding a supplier for the soda stream adaptors for our kegs.

Q – Can I blast 20 PSI into my keg?

Not recommended at all, if you blast your gas to 20PSI on the regulator, the needle will get stuck and damage your gas regulator. If that happens, we will not refund or replace your gas regulator as it is considered negligence and improper use of the regulator.

Q – What is the ideal pressure to use in my keg?

You can use between 4 – 8 PSI, and keep repeating the process till you have that perfect pour.

There is exceptions and each beer is different which may result in needing more psi.

The carbonation process also needs more Psi.


Q - How long does Uflow keg maintain the temperature?

The U-Flow Keg maintains the temperature of your beer / draft beer for an average time of 60 minutes depending on the temperature of the environment in which you find yourself.

We offer a magic sleeve for your U-Flow Keg (2L, 5L & 10L), this will keep your Keg cold for another 60 -120 minutes longer.

We offer a magic sleeve for your Uflow Keg, this will keep your Keg cold for another 60-120 minutes longer.

Q - How long does Uflow Keglast?

Because it is a stainless-steel material, its durability can be 5 years or more if it is well taken care of.

NOTE: We do not recommend that Uflow Keg be placed in contact with any product (eg peracetic acid) or solution (eg water and salt) other than those recommended for cleaning which are only water and aseptic alcohol 70.

Q - Can I put all Uflow keg components in the refrigerator?

No, the pressure regulator and gas cannot be placed in the refrigerator. The keg on its own can be put in the fridge. This is fine.

Q - What material is the Uflow keg made of?

304 stainless steel.

Q - How to clean Uflow Keg?

After using, wash with hot water and aseptic alcohol 70 if you want a better asepsis.

We provide a special cleaning kit for the small parts!

NOTE: We do not recommend that U-Flow Keg to be placed in contact with any product (e.g. peracetic acid) or solution (e.g. water and salt) other than those recommended for cleaning which are only water and aseptic alcohol 70.


Q - How to carbonate your beer?

With the U-Flow Keg line, you can carbonate your drink at room temperature in U-Flow Kegs up to 10 litres. The process usually takes about 18-24 hours using pressure at 15 PSI.

Forced carbonation is only possible with the kit with Italian tap and stainless-steel connector.

Q - Can I put homebrew beer or craft beer in the U- Flow Keg?

Yes, the flavour of the beer will not be changed.

Q - How to increase / decrease the flow of the tap?

Just handle the flow control valve that is built into the tap, so you can increase or decrease the flow.

Q - How to fill my U- Flow Keg

Tilt the U-Flow Keg in the same way as if you were pouring a glass, fill it slowly to avoid the formation of too much foam inside the glass.


Q - If I needed to make a request how do I contact you?

As soon as your order is placed on the website, we send messages to your email with the invoice and the product tracking code. If you have any questions please contact us through our chat or via email sales@uflow.co.uk

Q - How do I buy a U-Flow keg product on the website?

On our website you can click on the Shop Tab. Select the item/s you want to purchase and on the bottom right of the page, you will see the checkout button, on clicking that you will be redirected to our checkout where you will enter your details and data for the delivery of the product. After that select the payment method. Please ensure that your address is captured correctly and using a valid email address, as all tracking details will be emailed to you.

PayPal or Card Payment.

After choosing one of the methods above, read and select the TERMS AND CONDITIONS field and click the checkout button at the bottom of the page. If you are unable to make the purchase, please report it to sales@uflow.co.uk , if possible, also send us an image with the error if it occurs.

Q - Is it safe to buy on the U-Flow keg website?

Yes, the purchase through the website is extremely secure, all information is encrypted through our SSL certificate, in addition to having the PayPal merchant Security seals.

Q - Where can I find more information about the U-Flow keg?


Q - How do I get the keg filled?

We have a list of breweries who offer keg refills around the UK we also sell beer on our beer shop.

Q - How much does it cost to fill the Keg?

That would depend on the tap houses and breweries

Q - How much does your keg cost?

That would all depend on which keg you are looking for, all our keg kits come complete with the accessories.

Q - How much does delivery/shipping cost?

That would depend on the size of the item, but can cost up to £8.95

Q - Does 1 gas cannister come with the keg order?

Yes, we sell the cannisters for £10.50 per pack of ten.
All keg kits come with a full pack of 10 x Co2 gas capsules.

Q - What beers do you produce?

Unfortunately, none at this stage however please go to our beer shop to see what brewery beers we have on.

Q - Where can I purchase the beer from?

Please go to our beer shop.

Q - Can you put your own beer in the keg?

Of course, you can

Q - Where can you purchase the co2 refills?

We supply the gas separately

Q - How much does the Co2 cannisters cost?

£10.50 per pack of ten. You get one free with your initial purchase of the keg

Q - Does the keg keep the drinks chilled?

On the keg it has a cold jacket you keep in freezer or fridge and pop on to keep your keg cold. You will need to put the jacket back in the fridge after a period of time.

Q – Can I use regular Co2 for creamy flow?

We recommend that you purchase the Nitro regulator and nitro capsules for stouts or Guinness.

General FAQ’S

Q - Do the units come with gas?

Yes, the units come with gas and these extra accessories, the premium dispenser head, Cleaning kit, smooth flow adapter, non-slip mat, and a cooling sleeve.

Q- If I order a 10L Keg, will I receive 2 x 5L kegs?

No, you will receive a single 10L unit and not 2 x 5L kegs.

Q - What are the prices I can’t find a price list anywhere.

All our prices are on our offers site - https://uflow.co.uk/accessories

Q - I'm thinking of buying a keg. Where can I get it refilled.

We have a list of breweries we have contacted, If you have joined our Facebook group ( https://web.facebook.com/groups/U-Flowkeg) you will see a list which we will keep updating.

Q - Do you buy the kegs separately or do you have to fill them up yourself?

Each keg is sold as an empty unit, we do have a list of breweries where you can get them filled, if you have joined our Facebook Group (https://web.facebook.com/groups/U-Flowkeg), please request access to the breweries list, which we will keep updating.

Q - I am thinking about the 5ltr keg. What do I get with it please?

You will receive the Cleaning kit, smooth flow adaptor, non-slip mat, cooling sleeve and some gas.

Q – When buying a keg kit do, I get the tap as well?

Yes, you receive the keg, couple of gas, cooling sleeve, non-slip mat, Cleaning kit and smooth flow adaptor.

Q - When ordering could I specify what beer I to put in the beer keg for delivery?

When purchasing your keg, it is stainless steel keg, it doesn't come with any beer, however, we have a list of breweries where you can get your keg filled, or you can put cans of your choice into your keg

Q - Does the kits include the tap?

Yes, all our kits come with the taps and accessories mentioned.

Q – My keg is leaking gas, what do I do?

Please refer to our YouTube video on how to assemble your kit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HsfDs2qHh0 if you have followed all the instructions and still have gas leaking, please send a video to sales@U-Flow.co.uk.

Q – What is the recommended PSI for my keg?

We recommend starting off at between 3 – 4 PSI, and gradually increasing to 5 – 8 PSI

Q – What is the maximum PSI level?

The maximum PSI on your gauge is 20, please don’t set your keg at 20 PSI, as the safety pin will be expelled from your gauge or the needle will get stuck.

Q – If I order 3 different items, do I pay 3 x shipping?

If 4 or more small items on one purchase, it will be double whatever our basic delivery cost is, so 2 x £2.95

Q - I’m having trouble ordering

If you are unable to place an order, please send us an email to sales@U-Flow.co.uk explaining the issue you are encountering, so we can look into it.

Q – What are the keg dimensions?

The 2L Kegs dimensions are Height is 19 cm and radius is 14 cm.

The 5L Kegs dimensions are Height is 28 cm and radius is 18 cm.

The 10L Kegs dimensions are Height is 49 cm and radius is 18 cm.

Q – What to do if I am having some technical issues?

Please send us an email to sales@uflow.co.uk and techsupport@uflow.co.uk explaining what the issue is, please provide us with as much information as possible and a short video using water so we can assess and get back to you.

Q – Are you kegs compatible with a Pinter?

Yes, our kegs can be used with a Pinter or any other homebrew kits.

Q - If I order now do, I get the free accessories?

If you are ordering a keg kit, yes, you will receive all the accessories, if you are ordering a plain keg there are no accessories.

Q - Does the bundle deals come with the advertised discount as there is nowhere to input the discount code?

Unfortunately, the bundle deals are already at a discounted price and therefore the weekly/monthly discount codes are not applicable.

Q – Do you take orders/payments over the phone?

Yes, this is something we have just started doing.

Q – What is your returns and refunds Policy?

Please go to https://uflow.co.uk/terms all our terms and refund policies and procedures are there.