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Carbonation Process

The U-Flow team have put together some advice on how to force carbonate using the U-Flow Keg system. There are TWO main tips to remember before you start the carbonation process.

  1. Chill your brew before carbonating
    Before pouring your brew into the keg, ensure it is nice and chilled. This makes a difference!
  2. Try not to fill your keg too full
    You need to leave room for the gas. The gas needs to have plenty of room on top of the beer so leave a couple of inches of space from lid. The more space you have between the top and the brew the quicker the carbonation process can happen.
chilled beers

U-Flow recommended carbonation methods:

Method 1 – Set the pressure to 10 -15psi for 48 hours+. The C02 will be absorbed into the beer making a great carbonated beer. You shouldn’t over carbonate the beer using this process.

Method 2 – This is the quickest method. Set the pressure to 15 -20psi so there is plenty of gas. Shake the keg and contents for around 3 minutes. Allow the keg to rest for about 5 minutes, test the contents to see. If It’s under carbonated repeat the process with more gas and swirl.

chilled beers

My brew is still under carbonated, what do I do?
If your brew is still under carbonated, then leave it longer or swirl the keg whilst adding 20psi of CO2.
What to do if my brew is over carbonated?
If your brew is over carbonated – Using the gas release valve you need to let some of the gas out of the keg. Do not let too much pressure out straight away, let small bits out at a time. Test as you go.

👉 Please don’t let your regulators needle go into the Red, that will damage your regulator.
👉Please don’t use Soda Stream canisters on the regulator, we only recommend using the 16g capsules.